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Challenge Overview

Project Context

The client has one web application created with old Angular version. We need to help the client to create a new project with Angular 9 and PXBlue 2.0.

Challenge Context

Add several missing UI for ARMS

Technology Stack

  • Angular 9
  • TypeScript
  • NodeJs 12+

Individual Requirements

  • Session Ended
  • Command Status
  • Enable ARMS
  • Enable ARMS
  • Choose Breakers
  • Disable ARMS
  • Disable ARMS
  • Choose Breakers

Please see screenshots to understand the scenarios.

Besides, please check the forum so that you can run legacy codebase to see these popup in real. Both UI and integration are needed.


  • Current codebase is provided in the forum.
  • Legacy codebase is provided as reference in the forum.
  • There should be no ESLint errors.
  • No tests is needed.
  • Please follow legacy codebase to create component in new codebase.

Final Deliverables

Please include git patch file


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2021 Topcoder(R) Open


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