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The challenge is finished.

Challenge Overview

Project Background

Coronavirus (Covid-19), the pandemic that is happening right now, has been spread all around the world. As of this challenge launch, there are now more than 34,812,000 cases in 215 countries, and more than 1,000,000 people have lost their lives (Data source:, and these numbers are still increasing everyday. These are not just numbers, there are people, family, and lives behind each number. Coronavirus is deeply changing how we all live our daily lives. 

Topcoder, the world's largest Open Innovation Community, would like to engage our great digital talents (yes, it is you!) to do something for social good. We would like you to build an app, a website, an API, or any other digital application that you think might help people at any point, including but not limited to

  • Find the correlation among different fields, and give some advice to the people/government based on the result.

  • Data visualization

  • Trip advisor based on the cases of the specified location. 

Technology Stack

  • No limitation

Individual requirements


We provide a CSV file (attached in the forum) that contains the latest data of Coronavirus, the CSV file contains the following fields

  • iso_code

  • continent

  • location

  • date

  • total_cases

  • new_cases

  • new_cases_smoothed

  • total_deaths

  • new_deaths

  • new_deaths_smoothed

  • total_cases_per_million

  • new_cases_per_million

  • new_cases_smoothed_per_million

  • total_deaths_per_million

  • new_deaths_per_million

  • new_deaths_smoothed_per_million

  • new_tests

  • total_tests

  • total_tests_per_thousand

  • new_tests_per_thousand

  • new_tests_smoothed

  • new_tests_smoothed_per_thousand

  • tests_per_case

  • positive_rate

  • tests_units

  • stringency_index

  • population

  • population_density

  • median_age

  • aged_65_older

  • aged_70_older

  • gdp_per_capita

  • extreme_poverty

  • cardiovasc_death_rate

  • diabetes_prevalence

  • female_smokers

  • male_smokers

  • handwashing_facilities

  • hospital_beds_per_thousand

  • life_expectancy

  • human_development_index


All the field names are self explained.


Your submission must be based on the provided data, no other external data/API is allowed.


You can use part of the data to build any app you like.


Some ideas for reference:

  • Trending charts of each country/region

  • The correlation between deaths and smokers

  • The correlation between test units, population and cases.

  • Which countries/regions are safe to travel, you can determine the safe, as long as it is reasonable. For example, it can be determined by if the cases are growing, steady and declining in recent one month, or the current total active cases etc.

Final Review & Scoring Guidelines

Your submission will be reviewed subjectively, the review scoring guidelines are


(1) Completeness of your submission (60%)

  • Is your submission runnable?

  • Does your submission implement at least one use case that might help people?

(2) UI/UX (20%)

  • Is the overall user experience of your submission good?

  • Is the UI of your app good?

  • If you built an api, please ensure you provided a swagger spec and Postman collection.

(3) Innovation (20%)

  • How much benefit it can provide to users for anti-coronavirus.

  • How strong it is needed. It would be better if you can provide something “must” rather than “nice to have”.


The review will be performed subjectively by the copilot and Topcoder admin, no appeal and appeal response phase.


Final Submission Guidelines

Please zip all the following content in a zip archive, and submit in the Challenge Submission area.
  • The source code of your submission
  • A thorough deployment guide of your submission, please note we only have 1 hour to review, so if we can’t merely follow your deployment guide to deploy your submission, your submission will be disqualified.
  • A simple README of your submission, to give an overview of your submission, including what kind of app you made, what info does it show?
  • Some screencasts or a demo video to showcase your submission (Not mandatory but might be a plus, because it’s helpful for the reviewer to review)


2021 Topcoder(R) Open


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