Key Information

The challenge is finished.

Challenge Overview

Challenge Context
  • Build a chrome extension to capture CSS selectors from web pages, which will in term generate a json based config to be sent to a backend API.

Project Context
  • Client is building a web scraper to scrape some information from a few different websites, and the extension will help users better identify the key elements to scrape from the websites.

Expected Outcome
  • A fully working Chrome extension that covers all the requirements.

Challenge Details
  • We'd like the extension to be build with ReactJS, this could be a good start if you are unfamiliar with the approach.
  • The extension should try to maintain compatibility with FireFox by using the Web Extensions API.
  • The extension should support localization, perhaps by using react-i18next, the purpose is that there should be a centralized place to provide translation texts for different languages.
  • Here's the previous challenge we launched to build a basic version of the extension, now we are completely rewriting it.
  • Please register to download the detailed functional requirements spec from the challenge forum.

Scorecard Aid
  • ReactJS
  • Javascript
  • Chrome Extension Development
  • REST

  • Chrome Latest on all systems

Final Submission Guidelines

  • All original source code in a single zip file.
  • A detailed README in markdown format explaining how to build, configure, run and verify your submission.
  • Specifically, please include details on how to test this extension locally and publish it for others to download. Please clearly describe how to uninstall the extension in dev mode as well.


2020 Topcoder(R) Open


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