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EdgeX Foundry™ Ideation Challenge Overview

Welcome to the "EdgeX Foundry™ Ideation Challenge". The goal of the Challenge is for you to innovate and come up with ideas on how to use the EdgeX platform, over different types of devices or domain use cases.

Challenge Prizes


  • There are 10 prizes for this challenge: $1.200/$1.000/$800/$600/$500/$400/$300/$200/$100/$50.
  • Thera are also 5 x $50 checkpoint prizes.

About EdgeX Foundry

EdgeX Foundry ™ is a highly flexible open-source software framework that facilitates interoperability between heterogeneous devices and applications at the IoT Edge, along with a consistent foundation for security and manageability regardless of the use case. It is a vendor-neutral open-source platform hosted by LF Edge, providing a common framework for IoT edge computing. LF Edge is an umbrella organization working to establish open, interoperable frameworks for edge computing independent of hardware, silicon, cloud or operating system. 
The EdgeX framework allows IoT devices using different protocols or standards to interoperate by normalizing communication protocols, making it available on the cloud or at an enterprise level. It also allows developers to perform complex operations, through the use of sensor fusion using rules engines (such as Edge Analytics).  

With Edge Computing becoming commonplace, and with the proliferation of IoT edge devices, by the end of February 2020, EdgeX Foundry ™ had surpassed 3 million downloads. EdgeX Foundry ™ is built using several technologies and languages, with a majority of the services written in Go and C.


Challenge Requirements

We want your help to explore how this IoT platform is being used, or can be leveraged, to combine data from various sensors to generate new applications for the platform. Additionally, we would like to know how this platform is being, or can be used, in industries such as Financial Services, Retail, Consumer Goods, Media, Manufacturing, Supply Chain etc.

The Challenge is set to explore different types of IoT use cases and come up with an idea proposal with your findings, as well as a detailed analysis of your idea with supporting documents, architectures or flow diagrams. An important factor is your idea should be feasible to implement with the current platform. A non-exhaustive list of use cases for the EdgeX platform can be found here.

Some questions to guide the ideation: 

  • What is your overall application and associated business outcomes?
  • Where has it been used/can it be used?
  • What devices and protocols are involved?
  • How have/can IoT devices be applied to the application?
  • Does a device library exist in the EdgeX framework for the devices involved?
  • Does the device need a new library?
  • Is there any free library to communicate with such a device? What high-level operations can be applied?
  • How do the devices and EdgeX improve the system where it’s being applied?
  • What features would you like to see incorporated into the platform that would have made/make your development/integration easier?

EdgeX supports exporting data via the App Functions SDK/App Service config located here Check out the examples such as exporting via HTTP/HTTPS, MQTT/MQTTS, Google IoT Core, Azure IoT Hub, AWS IoT, etc. located here.

Data can be ingested via the example device services like Modbus, BACNet, MQTT, OPC-UA, SNMP, BLE, etc. or your own custom protocol leveraging the Device Service SDK located here.

Based on your ideas and architecture, we will create a Proof of Concept in successive challenges. Make sure your idea is executable and allows building a POC demo in a short time frame. If your idea is using data from any device, make sure those data sets are reproducible, through device simulators.


EdgeX Website: 

An Introduction to EdgeX Foundry: 

Sample EdgeX Demos:

EdgeX Community Resources:  

Reference Data Sets:

Judging Criteria

  • Innovative and Creative
    • Is the solution innovative
  • Impact, Viability, and Usefulness
    • Does the solution have real, commercial and/or applicable value
    • Does the solution address concrete business outcomes
  • Ideas should leverage EdgeX Platform
  • Simplicity 
    • Is the solution intuitive, easily integrated into a business domain say Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Financial Services, Retail, Healthcare, Automotive and more
    • has usability been taken into consideration
  • Feasible Solution that can be implemented in a short duration and suitable for POC
  • Minimum two types of devices (For eg. Temperature and Camera/Inference Data, etc)
  • Minimum two different protocols (For eg. REST, MQTT, BACnet, Modbus, etc)
  • Minimum one service that leverages the App Functions SDK to combine/process/filter data at the edge.

Ideation Challenge Rules

This challenge will last 14 days after submission is open. For the first 7 days, members can submit their initial ideas for a Checkpoint review, that will happen 7 days after submission is open. This is an informal review that will be sent directly to the member.

Best 5 submissions will win $50 each in the checkpoint. Checkpoint submission will end on April 9, 2020 12:00 UTC -4. At the end of the 14 days submission period, we will have the final review.

Even if you don't submit for the checkpoint review, you can still submit for the final review.

Final Submission Guidelines

Zip file with:

  • A white paper that describes the member's findings and approach to build the solution
  • User Journey and workflow
  • Technical Architecture Diagram and development requirements
  • Mock/Rough sketches of your ideas
  • Explanations about feasibility of implementing your idea
Respond to the Survey. This is a requirement for anyone who submits to the challenge. Link in the forum


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Final Review

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