24 hours!! - Topcoder Hour of Code PLUS - Fun Challenge - Basic skills for QA track

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Challenge Overview

Hello Topcoders! This week is Computer Science Education Week and because of that, we are running our own Hour of Code - Topcoder Hour Of Code PLUS!

In Topcoder, we have 4 tracks

  • Data science: Competitive Programming (Algorithm) & Marathon

  • Design

  • Development (Code)

  • QA (Quality Assurance)

Most of us only focus on one track. It's your time to share one hour to try a different new track, it might help you to open a new world!

The goal for this fun challenge is launched for members never competed in QA track before to learn some basic skills:

  1. Recording videos

  2. Capturing screenshots

  3. Save Google Chrome console logs


We recommend Monosnap (https://monosnap.com/) for recording videos and capturing screenshots.

Here is a video on how to get console logs from Google Chrome browsers: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1AMVw2mLIhVkJ5qDxic8i4k6lfYA9KxTy 

Challenge Requirements 

As this is a “Fun Challenge”, the task is super easy!

In this challenge, please use Google Chrome to execute a test case and record a video, save the console logs and the Chrome browser version screenshot.

You can find the test case here: 

Important Note:

This is a fun challenge. We will randomly choose 10 eligible members who submitted a valid submission as winners, each winner will receive $25.

If you never participated in a QA challenge, then you are eligible. We will check your challenge history in your Topcoder profile to see if you are eligible.

You will only need less than 1 hour to finish the requirement of this challenge, but the challenge will last 24 hours for the timezone concern.


Final Submission Guidelines

  • Submit a zip file with the following contents:

    • A video which contains the full execution of the above test case (Just open monosnap to record, perform each step one by one, save it as video.mp4).
    • A screenshot of your Chrome browser version (You can find it via this link in Chrome: chrome://settings/help, capture and save it as chrome_version.jpg).
    • A Chrome browser console log file during the execution (Save the log file as log.txt).


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