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Key Information

The challenge is finished.

Challenge Overview

Project Background

Our client for this challenge is the commercial negotiation team of an oil and gas exploration company that is negotiating leases in the Gulf of Mexico.   Our client has to research and review multiple means such as news and media articles, documents, and regulatory websites in an effort to stay apprised of current activities. The effort to manually review and organize the many sources of data is time consuming and thus is not completed on a comprehensive basis at regular intervals.  Topcoder has built some simple data extraction scripts to pull data from the US Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement website.  This data provides an opportunity to proactively review permit requests for new wells as they are submitted, craft a commercial solution for tie-back of projects in proximity to one of client's existing platforms, and obtain a competitive advantage over other operators in the region by reaching out early to the potential customer in order to understand the project's needs from the earliest stages of project design.

The ultimate project aims is to build a repository that can provide a "google" search kind of feature to search one place for all the information needed on a commercial deal.  This repository will be built by using technology such as Web crawling or reports from the BSEE regulatory website, reading PDF documents, NLP (natural language processing) to query the accurate search words. In this release, however, we will be focusing on the structured data extraction from BSEE only.

Challenge Objectives

In this challenge, we're hoping to develop some dashboards to display the data we've collected from the BSEE in an interesting and compelling way.  Our clients are very interested in activity around drilling permits and infrastructure investments in Gulf of Mexico.  The value of leases in the area shifts dramatically as new reserves are discovered or available of infrastructure such as pipelines and storage facilities changes over time.  The information is fundamentally geographical/location-based in nature so mapping interfaces should feature prominently in your submissions.   The purpose of these dashboards is to monitor activity by other operators (oil and gas exploration companies) working in the area.   Some sample dashboards are provided in the forum.   You are not limited to the dashboards given -- we're looking for your creativity and insights.

Technology Stack
  • TIBCO Spotfire (
  • MS SQL Server
TIBCO Spotfire has both a local Windows version and a cloud-based versions of their analytics platform.  Either platform can produce a .DXP file which is the desired submission format for this challenge.  Please don't change the names of the provided csv files so we can connect easily to the source data.

Individual Requirements

Challenge Input:
  • CSV files containing raw data from the BSEE site.  (found in Code Document forums)
  • Dashboard Samples  (found in Code Document forums)
Individual Requirements

We ran a Database Setup and Extraction Challenge to capture the data from various BSEE regulatory websites. The csv files that mirror the data structures in the extracted tables are being provided in the forums. Following tables need to be covered in this challenge.
  • ApplicationPermits
  • ExplorationDevelopmentPlans
  • PlannedSites
  • PlatformStructures
  • ScannedPlans

Final Submission Guidelines

Submit the following.
  • A summary document that explains the visualizations that you've created, their purpose, and any features you've added especially, ones that might not be completely obvious to users like drill down functionality etc.
  • Spotfire Dashboard Export file (dxp) format.
  • Any new data files you've created beyond the ones provided in the forums.  (optional)
Checkpoint Submission
  • You are strongly encouraged by Monday, November 5th at 9:00 AM EST to make an early checkpoint submission.  We'll be conducting a client review on Monday (Nov 5) or Tuesday (Nov. 6) and will be providing feedback based on the early submissions.  You can then make a second (final) submission before the final deadline.  This checkpoint submission isn't required but obviously the feedback will be quite valuable.


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