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Challenge Summary:
Welcome to the Firefly - Friendly Review (FFR) App Design Concepts Challenge!
This challenge is focused on creating an application for the insurance agents that will allow them to check on current policyholders and ensure they have the proper insurance for their needs.

Firefly is an insurer group of automobiles, homes and small businesses and also provides other insurance and financial services products.

This should be a FUN challenge. Take a look and let's discuss in the forums any questions you may have! We are very excited to see your designs for this challenge

Round 1

Submit your initial design for a Checkpoint Feedback

As part of your checkpoint submission, you must upload your submission to MarvelApp so we can provide direct feedback on your designs.
- Please include the MarvelApp URL in the comments while uploading your submission
- Make sure all pages have correct flow. Use the proper file numbers, (1, 2, 3, etc.)

Round 2

Submit your Final Design plus Checkpoint Updates

As part of your final submission, you must upload your submission to MarvelApp so we can
provide direct feedback on your designs.
- Please include the MarvelApp URL in the comments while uploading your submission
- Make sure all pages have correct flow. Use the proper file numbers, (1, 2, 3, etc.)
Purpose of this Application - User Scenario:
Danny, a firefly insurance agent who works hard to keep his customer’s happy. He always follows up with his customers on a yearly basis to discuss new insurance programs and also to make sure their current coverage is adequate for their situation. With a growing number of insurance customers, Danny finds it difficult to keep track of the follow-ups with his customers. At that time, Firefly launched an application called friendly review which is to be used by the agents. Danny comes to know about this new application and was thrilled to see that it seems to solve the issues he had been facing.
- He is able to see a list of prioritized customers and also he is able to view the customer appointments in a calendar.
- He finds it easy to view details about the customer in a 360 view and generate a review report on the policy a customer holds..

Next day, he looks into the app for appointments for the day. He sees that he has an appointment with one of the customers named “James” who is a married man with 2 children.

Danny visits James to review the insurance policies he has. He learns from James that he felt his current coverage was adequate for his situation when he first bought the insurance but wanted to be sure it was still adequate for his family situation. Danny analyzed the situation by asking a few questions offline (not within the app) and identified some potential gaps that had developed because of changes to James’ household. Danny adds some notes/recommendations about the coverage selections that would be beneficial to James and then generated a “Firefly Friendly Review Report”.The app even had an option to email the report to the customer, so he made sure James received a copy of the report.

Danny explained some reasons he felt it would make sense to increase the levels of coverage”. Also, Danny informed James of the cost that would be involved in making this change. As the cost was minimal given the improved protection it provided, James immediately agreed to increase the coverage.

Design Considerations:
- Come up with a modern and intuitive design!
- Come up with a design for these screen sizes:
- - - Desktop: 1366px as width and height as required.

Required Screens:
We wanted to give you an idea on the screens and functionalities:

01 Dashboard:
- This is the main dashboard view for the agents
- Agents can view their prioritized customer list (should allow for up to 10 names at a time) and status in two sections on the Dashboard.

The First section should: 
- - Display the statistics on the status of an FFR for a given agent
- - Display calendar view of scheduled appointments (status = In Progress or Completed)

The second section should display the following elements for a given agent (prioritized list)
- - Customer Name
- - No. of Policies
- - No. of LOB’s (Example of LOBs (line of business) are: 2 Autos, 1 Home, 1 Life, 1 Umbrella (these are types of insurance policies)
- - Attrition Risk 
- - High-Value Household
- - Liability Exposure
- - Total Annual Premium (Annual Premium ranges from $2000 - 100000, depending on the policy or number of policies.)
- - Upcoming Renewal Date

- Do you think a search and filter would be useful here to filter the list of customers?
- What else do you think would be helpful in a dashboard?

02 Generate Insurance Quality Review:
- The agent should be able to select a customer from Dashboard homepage and be taken to a screen with a Customer 360 view (top) and Policy details (bottom).

Top of the Report:
- Should display a speedometer-like icon. This icon should have the liability exposure differentiated in three colors (left to right): green, yellow, red. (green = covered, yellow = risk is low and red = risk is high)

Customer 360 View: 
- - Customer Name
- - Customer email, mailing address, and phone
- - Additional Contacts within the household
- - Relationship”
- - DOB

Policy Details:
- - Provide a summary view of all the active LOB policies (for example – 2 Autos, 1 Home, 1 Life, 1 Umbrella)
- - Policy/Household No
- - LOB
- - Coverage details 
- - Discounts
- - Premium

NOTE: Agent will not be able to make edits to a policy, modify any existing policy, add or delete policies.

Attach Supporting Documents and Add comments/notes:
- Attach supporting documents to the report (refer to attachment for samples)
- Add comments/notes (An example of a note may be: This car is very old and doesn't have the correct coverage). 
- Show us how the agent will do these activities.

03 Review:
- The agent should be able to review their changes prior to saving them.
- The agent should be able to email, view, or screen share the changes.

Branding Guidelines:
We are sharing a screenshot from the client's website that will help you grab the colors, please find the in below link

Stock Artwork & Icons
Stock photo and icons are allowed in this challenge. Remember to read our policy about the allowed site and declare them accordingly:

- Keep things consistent. This means all graphics styles should work together.
- All of the graphics should have a similar feel and general aesthetic appearance
- Focus on User Experience / how the user interacts within the dashboard and other pages

MarvelApp Prototype
- We need you to upload your screens to Marvel App.
- Please send your Marvel app request to
- You MUST include your Marvel app URL in notes /comments while uploading (in your marvel app prototype, click on share and then copy the link & share it within your notes while you upload).

Target Users:
- Insurance Agents

Judging Criteria:
- How well you plan the user experience and capture your ideas visually.
- Cleanliness of your graphics and design.
- Overall design, UI and user experience.
- Consistency across the UX/UI
- How well you interpret the example screens (business relevance) and show us new ideas and concepts.

Submission & Source Files:
Preview Image
Please create your preview image as one (1) 1024x1024px JPG or PNG file in RGB color mode at 72dpi and place a screenshot of your submission within it.

Submission File:
- Submit JPG/PNG for your submission files
- Submit Marvelapp as part of your submission.

Source Files:
All original source files of the submitted design. Files should be created in Adobe Photoshop and saved as a layered PSD file, or Adobe Illustrator as a layered AI file, Sketch or Adobe XD!

Final Fixes:
As part of the final fixes phase, you may be asked to modify your graphics (sizes or colors) or modify overall colors. We may ask you to update your design or graphics based on checkpoint feedback.

Please read the challenge specification carefully and watch the forums for any questions or feedback concerning this challenge. It is important that you monitor any updates provided by the client or Studio Admins in the forums. Please post any questions you might have for the client in the forums.

How To Submit

  • New to Studio? ‌Learn how to compete here
  • Upload your submission in three parts (Learn more here). Your design should be finalized and should contain only a single design concept (do not include multiple designs in a single submission).
  • If your submission wins, your source files must be correct and “Final Fixes” (if applicable) must be completed before payment can be released.
  • You may submit as many times as you'd like during the submission phase, but only the number of files listed above in the Submission Limit that you rank the highest will be considered. You can change the order of your submissions at any time during the submission phase. If you make revisions to your design, please delete submissions you are replacing.

Winner Selection

Submissions are viewable to the client as they are entered into the challenge. Winners are selected by the client and are chosen solely at the client's discretion.


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Your Design Files:

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  4. Declare your fonts, stock photos, and icons in a "Declaration.txt" file.
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Fonts, Stock Photos, and Icons:

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Source files

  • Layered PSD files created in Adobe Photoshop or similar
  • AI files created in Adobe Illustrator or similar
  • Sketch
  • Adobe XD

You must include all source files with your submission.

Submission limit

5 submissions

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