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Today we look for ideas of blockchain applications and solutions for the City of New York; that will be useful for its public and private sectors, and will contribute positively to enhacement of quality of life, better use of public data, and / or inter-agency interactions. We look for high-level description of use cases (a problem and proposal how to solve it with help of blockchain technology, including some rationale on business and technical feasibility of your suggestion). The best idea(s) will be further fleshed out in a follow up challenge, and then submitted in response to a request for proposals of the City of New York. Should we win the bid, the idea will be further implemented by Topcoder.

Eligible Ideas. The use case should be related to New York City, and the proposed solution should rely on one, or more, of the following: distributed ledger, smart contracts, tokenization, and peer-to-peer marketplaces. Proposed solutions should rely on existing blockchain protocols, including, but not limited, to Hyperledger, Ethereum, Quorum, and R3’s Corda.

Judging Criteria. Submissions will be judged based on their technological innovation, social / business value, and implementation feasibility.

Final Submission Guidelines

Submit you proposal in form of a PDF document + the source document from which the PDF was generated. We will accept only a single idea from a competitor.


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