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The challenge is finished.

Challenge Overview

Welcome to Bounties Network and Gitcoin - Blockchain Bounty Participation Challenge

Want to earn some cryptocurrency (on top of a prize from Topcoder) for completing open source tasks? This includes design, development, and more, whatever your preference!

We are looking to test the functionality and usability of two early stage Ethereum based applications.

The Bounties Network makes it easy to outsource the completion of any task, from code to social marketing, and everything in between. We take no fees on the bounties you create, encouraging any project to post bounties on all tasks, paying out in any ERC20 token or Ether. 

Gitcoin is a one-stop shop that gives Software Developers the skills & connections to survive and thrive in the emerging blockchain ecosystem. Our flagship product, bounties, allows developers to earn money and form professional relationships by growing Open Source Software.

Challenge Description

This challenge is all about testing the functionality and user experience of Bounties Network and Gitcoin. Gitcoin issues are all open source development tasks that can also be viewed on the Bounties Network, while Bounties Network encompasses all Gitcoin issues as well as additional non technical tasks.
The goal is to complete as many tasks as you can in the 10 day period. Please note any functionality you feel is incomplete or missing, as well as collecting general user experience feedback, as we will be reaching out with a questionnaire once the challenge has concluded.

Submission and Prizes

You will receive a $50 prize from Topcoder for every bounty you successfully complete worth more than $20 in crypto at the time of completion. Bounties you issue yourself will not count, and we reserve the right to not accept your challenge participation if we believe collusion occurred.

Also, we will award an additional $300 to the user who completes the most bounties, and $100 to whoever completes the second most.

WARNING: Prizes currently set for the challenge in Topcoder system are placeholders, they will be adjusted in the end according to the written above.

Final Submission Guidelines

Please submit a file (template provided in the challenge forum) with all bounties you complete including the title, prize, and issuer address, along with your email and your Ethereum address. We will then verify with Bounties that you successfully completed all tasks. 


2018 Topcoder(R) Open


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