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Key Information

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Challenge Overview

The Decentralized Impact Incubator is a 6-week program to ideate and prototype blockchain-based solutions to global social and environmental challenges. During the period, participants from around the will gather to form teams, design business models, draft proposals and code. Teams need to pass through weekly checkpoints and are guided by mentors throughout the process. Winning projects will receive grants to support continued development.

Before you Begin

If you have not already, please register for the overall challenge to get all of the rules, and follow the Incubator-wide communications in the forum there.

About this Use Case

As more and more blockchain for social impact projects pop up, a pattern of problems has arisen. How do we reduce the need for human verification? How do we allow for localized blockchain access in low infrastructure areas? How do we create trusted automated interactions between IoT devices? There is an increasing need for reliable hardware architectures to support blockchain solutions. Without those, blockchain remains out of reach for the majority.

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Judging & Scoring

This challenge will be scored by Judges outside this platform, not Topcoder reviewers. The scorecard attached to this challenge will be used as a proxy for the cumultative review of those judges.
Please view the scoring rubric here: 

Final Submission Guidelines

For Checkpoint Submissions
When your team is formed, you will be provided with a private forum with your mentor on the use case challenge like this one. You will be expected to upload your checkpoint information to the forum for your mentor to see and comment on.

For Final Submissions
You are expected to upload a .zip containing all necessary assets for your submission.

Your zip should contain:
  1. All documentation of your project meeting the scoring rubric
  2. A in the root file describing your project layout
  3. For your video demo, please upload your video to Youtube, mark it as unlisted, and put the URL in your
NOTE: If you are expecting a large filesize upload for some reason (larger than 1GB) please let us know before the submission deadline.


Final Review:

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