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In the previous challenge we have created a Visual Studio Code Extension that performs security analysis on a Solidity source code file, or on a folder of Solidity files. It uses Mythril API to perform security analysis, and highlights identified issues in the source code. For your reference, you will find the winning code from the previous challenge in the challenge forum.

Your goal in this challenge is to port the MSVC extension to provide the same functionality for Atom editor.

Final Submission Guidelines

Submit your code along with a brief verification video.

Reliability Rating and Bonus

For challenges that have a reliability bonus, the bonus depends on the reliability rating at the moment of registration for that project. A participant with no previous projects is considered to have no reliability rating, and therefore gets no bonus. Reliability bonus does not apply to Digital Run winnings. Since reliability rating is based on the past 15 projects, it can only have 15 discrete values.
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