Challenge Overview

John Hancock has a new job for us to do. They are looking for a new solution to generate and send to their Wealth and Insurance sales reps interactive financial reports. In this proof-of-concept (POC) challenge you will create a demo report package, to prove that it can be done in the way expected by the client. If they like the result, a series of challenges will follow to build production tools for automatic report generation from client databases, and to implement the exact UI and functionality desired in the report itself.

The best way to describe the desired deliverable from this challenge is an “autonomous webapp”:
  • It should be possible to pack it into a single archive of reasonable size, that can be delivered via email and further stored locally and used without network connection: all dependencies, data, etc. should be included into the package;
  • It should be compatible with any device and OS (Win / Linux desktops, iOS & Android tablets, etc); it is expected that running the code will not demand installation of any additional software or dependencies, at most it will demand to extract the report from package and execute it;
  • Inside the report we should be able to support UI and interactivity of typical webapps: showing data in tables, with possibility to sort / filter, show some charts and illustration, etc. No need to really create any fancy UI / functionality for this very challenge, but it should be clear from your solution that there will be no problem to implement them in future;
  • The report should generate a summary page with subsequent detail pages.  These detail pages could contain high volumes of data, so be sure to select a solution that could handle large data volumes (tens of thousand of records). Clicking on sections of the summary page should take the user to the detail page for that data.
Our current expectation is that it can be a webpack packed for local use, and then compressed into a archive containing HTML + CSS + JS, and JS should include some frontend framework, like React or d3js. But, we are open to better ideas / solutions.

Final Submission Guidelines

Submit the POC code along with the document defending your proposal. As mentioned above, no need for any fancy functionality / UI inside the POC code, but we should see that it includes some framework that can be used to build a fancy functionality / UI, works across different devices / OS out of the box, can be sent via email, etc. In the document you should describe your solution and why you did it the way you did.

The challenge will be reviewed subjectively.


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