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Challenge Overview

Have you heard about the IBM Watson challenge series we organized for St. Valentine Day? Are you interested in Cognitive software solutions but not sure how to start because it looks complex? You are in the right place! Alongside the prized IBM Watson challenges this February, we will organize a series of smaller and easier challenges that will introduce you to different services provided by Watson. There is no a better way to learn a new technology than to try this technology on a simple but real problem!

To make participation in these educational challenges even a bit more interesting, we offer some prizes:
  • $1000 will be given to the member who has completed the most of these educational challenges (at the moment, we are planning 4-6 of them, in total). In case there are few such members, this prizes will be equality divided among them;
  • Additionally, ten prizes, $200 each, will be randomly distributed among all members who have completed any of these educational challenges. During this random draw, your chance to get a prize will be proportional to the number of challenges you have completed, e.g. if we draw between just three competitors who have completed 1, 2, and 3 challenges each, their chances to be drawn will be: 16.7%, 33.0%, 50.0%.
If you don't have IBM Cloud Account yet, please register it via this link.

The last thing to mention before the actual challenge scope, is that this challenge is brought to you by the renovated Topcoder Cognitive Community. Please check it and join, if you have not already. It will help us to bring you more cognitive challenges in future!

In this challenge we want you to create a simple app that pulls the latest challenges from Topcoder API and uses Watson Tone Analyzer service to learn about tones of their specs.

To get the list of recent challenges from TC API v3 use the following endpoints:
  1. GET 
The endpoint (1) will return you the list of currently active challenges (50 at most), for each of them you’ll fetch the details using endpoint (2). The response from (2) will contain challenge specs that you’ll pass through the Watson Tone Analyzer and display results to the user. Technically, your app can be just a simple NodeJS script that does the job, and outputs the results into a local file.

Final Submission Guidelines

Submit your solution along with a brief verification video, demonstrating it in action.


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