Sensitive Data Lookup and Trimming - Solution Port to KornShell

Key Information

The challenge is finished.

Challenge Overview

In the two previous challenges (1, 2), done for our frequent client John Hancock, we have developed a solution for censoring sensitive data out of their database records. Our product was a NodeJS script that reads data exported from their DB out of CSV files, detects and replaces by placeholders any sensitive information, as instructed by easy-to-configure rules, and outputs the censored version of CSV file, along with some auxiliary statistics on the replacements done.

Now, the client wants to port this solution to KornShell / sed / awk stack. That’s it: you’ll find our NodeJS solution, along with some test datasets, in the challenge forum; and you’ll port it to the new tech stack, keeping the functionality, features, and the ease of the configuration, but doing any architecture changes appropriate for these new technologies. Be sure to update documentation, and anything else that is necessary.

Final Submission Guidelines

Submit your code, along with a brief verification video, proving that it works as expected on the sample datasets.


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