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The challenge is finished.

Challenge Overview

Hey Top Coders! Our lovely Community App, as always, needs some fixes and improvements, thus yet another Bug Bash!


  1. You can work on any of the issue tickets marked by the label Bug Bash - OPEN FOR PICKUP.
  2. Any discussion related to a specific ticket should be kept in the ticket itself; any general announcements/discussion will stay in the challenge forum, be sure to watch it!
  3. Please, don't update ticket labels. You are encouraged to notify other fellows when you start to work on an issue, however we'll always accept the first viable solution submitted for an issue. Just in case, you can also consult this document: it lists all tickets participating in this Bug Bash, corresponding rewards and the current status. There are two tickets highlighted gray in that document: they are rolling from the previous Bug Bash, just pending the final review. Consider them resolved already.
  4. Once your solution is ready, create Pull Request (PR) against the develop branch, referencing the issue it relates to inside the PR. Note that once you have created a PR, it will be visible to other competitors as well, which has some cons and pros! You can push additional commits to a PR you have created; in case multiple competitors do it for the same issue, the commits will be reviewed in the order they are pushed to the repo.
  5. The review will be done directly on the submitted PR, and along with the comments in the code, if any, the review will have one of three possible outcomes:
    1. PR is accepted as it is;
    2. PR is accepted, but demands some final fixes - it means that your submission solves the issue reasonably well, but has some minor issues to be resolved (code style, misses some corner cases, etc.). From this moment the issue is locked after you, and you are guaranteed to get 70% of the payment for this issue. You'll get the remaining 30% if you provide final fixes till the end of the Bug Bash.
    3. PR is rejected. The ticket remains open for you and everybody else who want to work on it.
  6. To get paid smoothly, you should submit a placeholder submission to this Bug Bash challenge! Ideally (but not obligatory), you should submit a text file with your own record on the issues you have resolved and the money you have earned. Of couse, we do our best to keep for records correct, but a double-check is always good.
  7. If you are aware of some bug in Community App that you want resolve yourself, or to be resolved by somebody else, feel free to suggest: we can include additional issues into this, and, sure, future Bug Bashes.

Final Submission Guidelines

See instructions above.


2018 Topcoder(R) Open


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