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Challenge Overview

Blockchain technologies are hot and trendy these days! Our client, ConsenSys, is a venture production studio building decentralized applications and various developer and end-user tools for blockchain ecosystems, primarily focused on Ethereum. We expect to see interesting and rewarding projects coming from them: over the next year ConsenSys will be running Ethereum blockchain challenges, including Hackathons on Ethereum using their Core Components, so get comfy, lots of work is coming!

To familiarize the Topcoder community with the Ethereum platform and prepare our crowd for the real work, we are running some fun challenges with real prizes that make them twice as fun. The first one was Hello World challenge, which you might like to check first in case you missed it; now this. We want you to take a look, and complete the following three tutorials:


One $500 and ten $50 prizes will be randomly distributed among competitors who have completed all three tutorials and submitted a video prooving that.

Update: Following suggestion in the forum, we add an extra condition to qualify for $500 prize draw: your video should be of tutorial format itself; i.e. you should explain in details how to setup development environment and to complete tutorials, so that we can use it as the reference in the next challenges. In other words, anybody who watched you video should have no questions like those in the challenge forum of the previous challenge, and should be ready to develop. In case we get several submissions of this quality and we can't decide between them, we'll choose the $500 winner randomly between them. To qualify for $50 prizes draw it is still enough to send a brief video prooving that you have completed tutorials.

Topcoder Blockchain Community

Please, also join community. There you'll find the listing of blockchain Ethereum challenges, and later you'll be getting notifications about new blockchain challenges, the Blockchain leaderboard, and other stuff.

Final Submission Guidelines

To participate in the prize draw, please submit a video prooving that you have completed all three tutorials. You can upload your video to YouTube, marking it as unlisted, and just submit a text doc with the link to it.


2018 Topcoder(R) Open


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