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Blockchain technologies are hot and trendy these days! We got a new client, ConsenSys, a venture production studio building decentralized applications and various developer and end-user tools for blockchain ecosystems, primarily focused on Ethereum. While we are looking towards a lot of interesting work to do with them; we want to start with this Hello World fun challenge aiming to introduce Topcoder community into the basics of Ethereum platform, to prepare you for the upcoming real projects.

ConsenSys will be running Ethereum blockchain challenges, including Hackathons on Ethereum using their Core Components over the next year so get comfy, lots of work is coming!

For this challenge we want you to complete these Ethereum tutorials. Don’t miss the previous / next nav links in the top-right corner of the page; in total there are three tutorials to complete:
  • Create your own crypto-currency with Ethereum;
  • Crowdsale. Rasing funds from friends without a third party;
  • How to build a democracy on the blockchain.

A NOTE ON PRIZES: Please ignore the $500 first prize shown at this page above. Instead we'll randomly distribute 10 prizes, $50 each, between the members that complete the challege (see below).
ADDITIONAL PRIZE!: To expand interest, we're offering an additional $500 random drawing prize!!! By completing this challenge and passing review, you are eligible for this prize. Note - You can only win one drawing, the $500 will be chosen first, then the 10 $50 prizes. You can not win both.

Final Submission Guidelines

To make participation in this Hello World challenge a bit more fun, we are going to randomly distribute 11 prizes, 1 worth $500, and 10 worth $50 each, among topcoders who have completed the challenge and passed submission review. To participate in this draw, please submit a brief unlisted video, proving that you have completed Ethereum tutorial.


2018 Topcoder(R) Open


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