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Key Information

The challenge is finished.

Challenge Overview

Recently we have developed a PoC of the new TCO scoreboard:
- Community Service contains its server-side piece (at the moment, you have to deploy it locally for testing / development);
- Community App, among many other things, contains the public leaderboard page (i.e. the scoreboad visible to everybody).

At the moment, the types of challenges to be shown at the leaderboard are pre-configured in the Community Service; then an admin user can use Postman with the service to create challenges of these types (note that in the context of the leaderboard, at least for now, the challenges has nothing to do with the standard Topcoder challenges; here a challenge is just a an object with a title, a brief descriptions, and a set of competitors with some configurable data on their progress, that are actually shown in the leaderboard; IDs of these challenges, at the moment, are independent from the standard TC challenge IDs); to specify competitors; and to update their progress (see verification doc in Community Service for all details). All this information is stored into a database, and also rendered to the public leaderboard(s) in Community App.

The goal of this challenge is to implement inside Community App simple admin page(s) for managing the leaderboards. We don't have any specific design for that, so you can create a simple (but clean) UI which allows to perform all leaderboard management without Postman (can be done on a single page, or on multiple ones):
  • See existing leaderboard challenges;
  • Create new / update leaderboard challenge;
  • Add competitors;
  • Update their results;
  • Anything else that makes sense in the context of this challenge (feel free to double-check in the challenge forum).
Development inside Community App should be done out of the latest commit in develop branch (15251bfa9dfb007eed0f8aea9e72a1a3c739e390 at the moment of writing); be sure to follow the Coding Standards. In case you need to do any changes in Community Server, use the lastest commit in develop branch there as well.

Final Submission Guidelines

Submit Git patch(es) for Community App and Community Server (in case you modify it); brief verification instructions and demo video.


2018 Topcoder(R) Open


Final Review:

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