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Key Information

The challenge is finished.

Challenge Overview

Impressed by first results of IBM Blockchain challenge series, IBM and Wipro have jointly produced a real world problem to be solved by Topcoder community with use of distributed ledger technologies (aka blockchain).

A consortium of insurance organizations came together to solve claims processing and buildup of unclaimed amount owing to dated customer details. The forum wants to build a proof-of-concept blockchain solution, which will help members to share their business data between them. A member wants to be able to login and request a specific set of data, like latest contact details of a client who has not claimed the insurance, etc.; this should trigger an approval request to concerned members who have that data; if approved, the requesting member should get data; if rejected, the requesting member should get the decline notification. Unauthorized access to data without approval process should not be possible. It is expected, that members will agree on the common format of customer details that will be used for identification, ie Name, Policy Number SSN, Date of Birth, etc.

The key capabilities that this application should address are:

  • Insurance agents at participating companies within the consortium should be able to check for duplicate claims and records;
  • The common data between members should be able to prevent members from making fraudulent claims to multiple companies;
  • Agents should be able to search for additional details about a policy or customer that the company is unable to contact due to incorrect or outdated customer records.

The blockchain should contain customer data, the agreements between individual and that members insurance company, and the contracts between consortium companies that control access to company data. There should also be ways to protect the privacy of the individual customers and the business practices of the participating companies, while allowing data to be shared between them.

For more background on how Blockchain can be used with Insurance Industry, please view this IBM Whitepaper:

Technical Requirements

You will approach this problem using Hyperledger Composer - an extensive, open development toolset and framework to make developing of blockchain applications easier. It is expected, in particular, that you will pay attention and use the following tools:

  • Access Control Language (ACL) - To control participant authorizations to read / query / update the business model;
  • Queries - The tool for reading the current blockchain world state;
  • Historian - Handling the history of all transactions and asset updated.


Submissions to this challenge, in addition to the standard community review, will be judged subjectively by experts from IBM (technical side) and Wipro (technical + business sides). On the technical side they will look into correct implementation of blockchain model, and correct and optimal usage of tools provided by Hyperledger Composer. On business side they will judge your creativity; how well your solution solves the problem outlined in the challenge legend; how beneficial it is for the consortium members. Judgement of experts will be final (no appeals will happen in this challenge).

Final Submission Guidelines

Submit your complete solution (banana file (.bna) + any other assets necessary to build / modify your model), along with model description / verification instructions and demo video. Mind that good presentation of your solution may have a positive effect on your final score in this challenge.


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