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Challenge Overview

In the challenge forum you will find swagger specs for a simple microservice with two endpoints, registerFavorite and queryFavorite. Your goal is to implement this microservice.

1. You can implement the microservice using either NodeJS or Java Spring. In any case you should follow the standard best practices for the chosen technology.

2. Your microservice should use Bluemix Cloudant DB. You should build the proper schema, following provided swagger specs; provide a way to initialize the DB with sample data; and to use it inside service implementation.

3. Your solution should be deployed to IBM Bluemix using Docker (IBM Bluemix Container Service).

Final Submission Guidelines

Submit the source code, including the detailed step-by-step deployment guide (Markdown format) and a brief demo video.

Your readme should also explain your choice between NodeJS and Java Spring for this challenge. There is no wrong or right choice. The reason for this requirement is that the client's dev team is usually using Java Spring, thus it is their first choice; however, client architects favor NodeJS. Your input will be used to justify the switch from Java Spring to NodeJS, or to stick with Java Spring.


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