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Challenge Overview

We have a new customer who is experimenting with deploying microservices in docker containers on Bluemix. They are very pleased with the solution so far and would like to take the solution to the next level. They are interested in exploring the Netflix Conductor model of breaking these services into the smallest possible discrete elements (Tasks) and exposing the Flows as REST endpoints. Conductor serves as the orchestrator to string the tasks together and exposes the flows.

For this challenge we would like to see an example and discussion on how this is achieved. First you must go to Bluemix and sign up for a developers account. Next select 3 microservices (Netflix tasks) that run on docker containers. What they do is not important however what is important is that the output of task1 is the input of task2 and output of task2 is the input of task 3 and so on. We would also like Conductor itself to run on Docker in a Bluemix’s container service.

We are interested in seeing a step-by-step guide / tutorial of how to configure and deploy the implementation described above. You should consider this document as the primary submission and it should be written to the audience of a dev-ops team member or a new project team developer. Please include a video of you solution in action and provide the links to the deployed solution.

Final Submission Guidelines

Step-by-step implementation guide (Markdown format, please), along with demo video and links to the deployed solution.


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