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The challenge is finished.

Challenge Overview

Welcome to IBM Cognitive ChatBot - Misc Fixes of UI Prototype - 36 h. In the previous challenge we have built AngularJS v4 prototype of the ChatBot UI, and in this one we will clean-up some issues noted by reviewers of the previous contest.

Cognitive Community

This challenge is a part of Topcoder Cognitive Community challenge series. Along with the cash prizes, you will win Cognitive points towards the Leaderboard, and the leader at the end of the challenge series wins an all expenses paid trip to TCO 17.

The placement you earn in this challenges (non-F2F) will determine how many Cognitive points will be added to your total on the leaderboard:
1-st place = 500 pts
2-nd place = 350 pts
3-rd place+ = 100 pts

If you have not already, go to and join the community.

Challenge Scope

You should address and fix the following issues found by reviewers:

1. First name and email are not aligned well >
2. 2nd and 3rd popup should show text for home address and payment >
3. `npm run test` & `npm run e2e` failed. Though the tests are not required, make sure these commands do not fail.
4. On too wide screens the sidebar is too big.. It should have fixed width.
5. On too narrow screens the layout is broken.
6. The alert box is wrapping the text even if there is enough space to display it in the same line
7. On small screen sizes the content of the 'user profile' sidebar is hidden It should be scrollable in such case.
8. Clean-up lint errors.
9. You should not load different components as 'this.loadComponent(<number>, {data})'. This is too confusing. You should use keywords instead of numbers.
10. I should not be able to post a message without text. Currently I'm able to post '    '.
11. You should not provide the whole repo from the angular-cli. You should only provide the /Chatbot directory. You should mention that angular-cli is required and provide instructions on how to install it globally instead of providing it with your submission.

Final Submission Guidelines

Submit updated code along with any verification comments you find appropriate. No verification video is required explicitely.


Final Review:

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