Key Information

The challenge is finished.

Challenge Overview

The goal of this project is to develop a demo application that leverages cognitive thinking and technology to help business users to understand the overall effect of weather on sales for different business units and materials. While the related design challenge is underway, we want to start up development by setting up necessary services and data processing. You may check these wireframes to better understand suggested usage of the application, though these are not the final decisions on how the App will work.

Topcoder Cognitive Community

This challenge is part of Topcoder Cognitive Community challenge series. Along with cash prizes, you will win Cognitive points towards the Leaderboard and the leader at the end of the challenge series wins an all expenses paid trip to TCO17.

The placement you earn in these challenges (non-F2F) will determine how many Cognitive points will be added to your total on the Leaderboard:
1st place = 500 pts
2nd place = 350 pts
3rd place+ = 100pts

If you have not already, go to and join the Topcoder Cognitive Community.

Challenge Scope

In this challenge you will prepare a starting pack for ReacJS / Redux App, good both for local development and remote deployment to IBM Bluemix. We want to re-use setup of our Topcoder Community App. You should take the latest code from the develop branch (currently 3b70c61c949c7265a2e3558370225265e0098534), and:
1. Remove all code specific to Topcoder Community App webpages (i.e. Topcoder-specific pages, services etc.).
2. Keep examples and all tools set up in the repository.
3. Where appropriate replace Topcoder-specific code with comments on what and how should be done in that place. For example, there user authentication into Topcoder system is implemented in /src/client/index.jsx; while you are supposed to remove the actual Topcoder-specific code and dependency on topcoder-app there, keep appropriate comments and, probably, some commented code sniplets saying that this is the right place to implement authentication, and how to do it.
4. Update documentation appropriately. Among other staff, it should include information on how to deploy the App on IBM Bluemix.

In case of any doubts, don't hesitate to ask in the forum!

Final Submission Guidelines

Submit your code and a brief verification video. No separate verification instructions are necessary, as it is supposed that documentation included into your code will cover in details how to deploy the code locally / remotely for development / production.


Final Review:

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