Key Information

The challenge is finished.

Challenge Overview

We develop a new effective and scalable solution for management of Topcoder communities, dedicated to specific clients / projects / technologies. Think about existing Cognitive, iOS, and Predix communities. We aim to create a new ReactJS frontend for such mini-sites.

Challenge Scope

In this challenge we are starting to implement the new design for Topcoder Communities: Marvel App, sources; focusing primarily on the Home and Learn pages. Check the detailed description of the scope here.
Development will be done in the Community App repository, using as the base the commit 50941e7b12dbad658f89cfb013c3725bdba9cd55, or a newer one in the develop branch. Your changes must not introduce any lint errors, and provide a good unit test coverage of the written code (look into existing tests for examples how to test various types of modules). You should properly use ReactJS, Redux, and support server-side rendering of the relevant pages. In this challenge you will work a lot on the styling, keep in mind that we use .scss with react-css-modules for simple styling (when some component appears always with the same style); and we use react-css-themr when we can re-use the same component in different places / roles, where different styling of the component is necessary (since the previous challenge in this series, Themr configuration in this repo has been fixed to work smoothly with server-side rendering, unit-testing, etc). Should you encounter any technical difficulties, don't hesitate to ask in the forum.

Warning: All the code related to challenge listings was recently ported from another repository, and does not yet follow our standards for Redux and unit-testing. Don't take it as an example!

Final Submission Guidelines

Git patch with your solution, brief deployment and verification guide, and a demo video.


2017 TopCoder(R) Open


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