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Challenge Overview

Challenge Requirements

In this challenge we are going to enhance the admin app to support more permission management features, specicially we'll be adding page / features to manage roles. You tasks include the following:

1. Add a new section named "Permission Management" below the exisitng "User Management" section in the left menu sidebar.

2. The menu will have pages to handle the following:
2.1. Create role
2.2. List roles
2.3. Assign user to role
2.4. Unassign user from role

3. You will need a v3 token to call these endpoints, to find out how to get a v3 token, check the "User" page under "User Management", when you search for a user by handle, it calls a v3 API using a v3 token, we want to use the same token to call the roles api.

4. On our dev server the endpoint for the roles api will start with, howevery you won't be able to call this so in order to test your code, you need to build a simple mock for these endpoints based on the code / api doc we provided in the forum. Your submission should include the mock API too.

5. The new code should use the same configuration we already have in the code, do not add a new configuration parameter for the new roles endpoints.

6. You must use UI State router best practives - separate states for list / detail / new


- Please make sure that you are using best practices for Angular.js (for example: ui-router)
- Please check the admin-app-mock-api readme to see how you can get the admin-app running locally
- Please make sure you code is well documented
- Make sure the newly added pages have consistent look and feel with the admin-app (use similar style as the Submission page)


- Node.js
- Angular.js
- Elasticsearch
- Docker
- Java

Final Submission Guidelines


- Updated admin-app code with all the requirements covered and the mock api code.
- A detailed deployment guide explaining how to run and test your submission with some meaningful data.


2017 TopCoder(R) Open


Final Review:

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