Key Information

The challenge is finished.

Challenge Overview

This challenge is part of a new project involving React Native.  The eventual goal is to have a way to build React Native apps for Hercule's embedded devices that communicate with the device over websockets, using the proprietary XRE messaging protocol.  They would like to see if we can build a React Native translator that sits on a server and communicates with clients, sending them XRE messages to draw the React Native components.

Basically, we are going to stream apps to a client and update the client based on actions that raise events from the client to the server.

This challenge will integrate in a combined demo into the app.

New to the project?

If you are new to this project, know that it's relatively complicated.  We have created a wiki page here that you can access after you have Gitlab access that discusses the different pieces involved and covers how to get your development environment set up:

And here's a low level description of how the mapping works:

The list of tickets that comprise the requirements are as follows:

Native validation

To prove out the solution, we need to ensure that a native mobile build of the test app matches what is displayed in XRE.  Please provide documentation on how to compile each example and run it in Android or iOS, and please also provide this information as part of your submission video.


The README must be brought up to date with the latest changes and must clearly cover deployment to Heroku.  Submitters are required to document the Heroku deploy clearly and test this.

REVIEWERS - Please make sure to deploy each submission to Heroku and test from there.

Your submission should be a patch file in Git against commit hash 

Please make sure your updated README covers:

1.  How to deploy the server-side to Heroku (REQUIRED FOR TESTING BY REVIEWERS AND SUBMITTERS)
2.  How to configure the client XRE receiver to connect to the server and work with the different apps available

A video is required, but it only needs to cover the validation (XRE and native), not the setup.  Having the setup details only in the README is fine.

Final Submission Guidelines

Please see above


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Final Review:

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