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Challenge Overview

Everyone has different jobs, backgrounds, and problems they need to solve.  We want to see how you can apply Cognitive and Watson Services in your job, your daily life, or just to your imagination!

Challenge Prizes

This challenge is part of the Topcoder Cognitive Community challenge series.  There are no cash prizes.  You will win Cognitive points toward the leaderboard and the leader at the end of the challenge series wins an all expenses paid trip to TCO 17.

STARTING WITH THIS CHALLENGE - You will also get 500 TCO Points for successfully completing this challenge.  
You must:
1. Have or Sign up for a Bluemix Account
2. Include your Bluemix Account Email Address with your Submission (whether your email is the same as your Topcoder account or not - this will be verified)


1. Go to  and click the Join the Topcoder Cognitive Community Button. Fill out the registration form and confirm your email address.
2. Go to the challenge forum and follow the thread on how to setup or extend your Bluemix trial account.  Doing so will allow you to create, or extend, a Bluemix trial account without requiring you to enter your credit card information. Even if you did this on the last challenge, fill out this form to extend your free trial further for this challenge.


1. Research IBM Bluemix services.  Not only Watson services, but all services provided in Bluemix
2. Write up a Problem statement - Describe something that you think could be solved using Cognitive
3. You must use:
  - At least 2 IBM Watson Services - Excluding Text to Speech, Speech to Text, and Language Translator
  - At least 1 IBM Data and Analytics Service
4. Provide system architecture - very high level example of the inputs and outputs of your system.
5. Describe how your solution could be applied in real world situations.

Final Submission Guidelines

Final Submission Guidelines

1. Upload a .zip containing your project.  It can be markdown, rich text (.rtf), Open Data Format (.odf - Libre Office/Open Office), PDF, or Microsoft Word
2. Any supporting docs (ie: images)
3. Include your IBM Bluemix Email Address - You MUST HAVE an active IBM Bluemix Account

Review Guidelines

Since this is a fun, subjective challenge.  The reviewer will be judging:
1. Is your problem statement a detailed problem to clearly identify the premise
2. Have you met the service requirements in your design
3. Does your system address all the operational concerns set by your problem statement?


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