Hercules Facebook Live App - Live videos and favorites

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Challenge Overview

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We are working on a new project for the Hercules client for Facebook Live integration into an app that will be displayed on TVs.  This challenge will update the initial proof of concept to allow for personalisation by a user of the feeds they see, will add live playback functionality, and favorites.

Note:  You will need Facebook access for this challenge.  If you cannot access Facebook, you won't be able to compete in this challenge.

Heroku / Node.js

This app will target deployment to Heroku using Node.js.  


These Gitlab tickets are the scope for this challenge:


User interface

The user interface needs to be updated to be fully navigable by 6 keys.  Make sure that no mouse is required and that all parts of the UI can get accessed appropriately.  Also, make sure to ensure that the selection state is very obvious when using the keyboard to select elements / buttons / tabs.  You are free to update the UI as you see fit, just make sure the same data shown now is accessible.

* Left
* Right
* Up 
* Down
* Enter
* Escape (back)


Existing code:

The existing code is available in Gitlab here:  

You will be expected to submit a Git patch file that can be applied to the commit hash 6f3f2c856b2894cbbd72ba43d8cd82d125c794a8.

Your submission must include a Git patch file against the commit hash above.  The Git patch file should include any relevant changes to the README for this challenge.  A video detailing the functionality is required.  The video doesn't have to include setup information, just a demo of the UI and changes required.

Final Submission Guidelines

Please see above


2017 TopCoder(R) Open


Final Review:

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