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Challenge Overview

Competition Task Overview

In a previous challenge, we have built a service that visits a site via a provided proxy, grabs the content from a certain page and returns the data in JSON format.

Now the customer is asking us to enhance Web Scraping API to enable users to transfer money with the specified site.

To get details about the requirements, please register and download the spec from the challenge forum.

Please also follow the followng general requirements:
1. Please use the code we provide as base and follow the same coding / documentation standards
2. Make sure errors are properly reported to the error service
3. Provide REST API doc in postman format

Please note this challenge has shortened timeline for several phases, make sure you don't miss the deadlines.

Technology Overview

Web Scraping

Final Submission Guidelines

Submission Deliverables

Below is an overview of the deliverables:
1. Full code that covers all requirements
2. A complete and detailed deployment document explaining how to deploy the application including configuration information.
3. A simple verification guide
REST API doc in postman format

Final Submission

For each member, the final submission should be uploaded via the challenge detail page on topcoder.com.


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