Drone Series - Implement DSP in React 2

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Challenge Overview

For this challenge we are continuing to build react components for the DPS web site. Components that will be built are described at https://topcoderinc.github.io/dsp-docs/
for this challenge, the following pages are in scope 
* Login & Signup
* Home
* Browse Provider
* Drone Detail

In the Drone Detail page there are a few changes to be made:
* Change the name to Provider Details (urls, breadcrumbs, etc)
* The page should display details for all the provider drones, so place Drone About and Drone Specification components inside a pager container (simple left&right arrow navigation)

The base code is attached in the forum, follow the provided code structure for components and pages.

Final Submission Guidelines

  • Upload documentation for how to run your submission
    Upload all your source code as a zip for review
    Winner will be required to submit a pull request with their winning code.


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