Key Information

The challenge is finished.

Challenge Overview

Welcome to the GE Risk MVP - Integrate Prototype with API contest. As part of this contest, you will connect a UI Prototype with an API and set up a web server in the process.


Contest Details

We recently concluded two contests - one to build the UI Prototype and one to set up an API server for our app. We would like you to connect the UI Prototype with the API server. Update both the prototype and the API Server to meet the requirements outlined in this contest


The high level requirements of this contest are to host the prototype on a web server and to connect the web server to an API server. Remove the dummy data from the prototype and instead use the API server for data.


Detail requirements will be shared in the contest forums.


Points To Note

- When updating the API server, kindly follow the existing conventions used.

- Make sure there are no lint errors in the API server once the updates have been carried out. Please do not add any new lint rules. The existing ones themselves are being reviewed currently.


Final Submission Guidelines

In your submission, have two folders. One for the API server and one for the web server. Zip the top folders together and upload the submission to Topcoder.


2017 TopCoder(R) Open


Final Review:

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