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Challenge Overview

Challenge Overview

Welcome to "John Hancock - CrowdSourcing Services Website - Backend Service Code Challenge". In this challenge, we are looking for you to help build a simple standalone backend service that provides data to the front-end website.

The purpose of this project  is to develop a responsive website to share information about Crowdsourced projects with John Hancock employees and vendor partners. The website will streamline retrieval and presentation of information relating to crowdsourced projects. The website should display correctly on desktop, laptop, iOS and Android devices (both horizontal and vertical orientation). Please note that the website will be accessible only to JH employees and Vendor partners within the John Hancock network.  

Data Structure

- The input data will always be stored in the Google Sheet. The link to the Google sheet will be provided in forums. Please request access to the sheet in forums. Please note that you are not allowed to directly do any testing on this sheet. You should make a local copy of this sheet and use that one for your testing.
- The output data will be in JSON format.
- The sample of the JSON output and the columns available in the Google Sheet table will be provided in forums. 

Platforms and Technologies

- C#, .NET 4.5.2, Google Sheets API V4, JSON, Microsoft Azure, REST 

Challenge Details

Challenge Details for this contest are available in forums which you can access once you register for the contest.

Final Submission Guidelines

- Please attach your code as a ZIP file in OR.


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