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The challenge is finished.

Challenge Overview


The Branded-Destination challenges are a set of challenges where we will be building out an Express application that host pages that are viewed on a STB (Set Top Box). For this challenge will will be converting the UI to use Angular.


  • Using the current webapp as a guide build out the front end in angular. You should probably pull down the repository twice. One directory where you will be making the angular updates, and another directory where you will run the older jquery version for reference.
    Update the gulp build to support all stand best practice build steps associated with an angular project
    • uglification/minification
      Unit tests for angular code
      Ability to run the code in development mode where the js will not be compressed
      Ability to run the code in built mode where all the minification has been applied.
      Using a CDN for dependancies if available (built mode).

    Ensure that the keyboard navigation that is implemented in the current app is implemented in the new Angular version.
    The dimensions of the webapp must be maintained.

Setup & Reference:

  • Fork this repo and work off this branch.
    There are three pages of interest in the app
    • /

    See the forum for details around the private NPM module.
    Use Angular 1.5.x

Final Submission Guidelines


  • Ensure good test coverage on all code
    Upload documentation for how to run your submission. Include steps you have taken to keep the app as performant as possible.
    Upload all your source code as a zip for review
    Include a video demonstrating your build and application
    Winners will be required to submit a pull request with the winning code.


2016 TopCoder(R) Open


Final Review:

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