TCO16 Bonus - Hercules VPIL - Port Ruby test app to Node / Base Libraries

Key Information

The challenge is finished.

Challenge Overview

We deal a lot with Hercules services across a variety of projects, including websites, C++ embedded systems, and mobile apps for iOS and Android.  We have an existing set of base service calls implemented in Node, and we recently added a bunch of new calls for a new VPIL service.

This challenge will take a rough test site (implemented in Ruby on Rails) and will port it over to Node.js, using the new services added to the base libraries.


The Ruby on Rails site is deployed here:

The source code will be available in the forum.  This challenge will port it over from Ruby on Rails to a Node.js app that uses the base libraries and the new VPIL service to implement the exact same functionality.

Redundancy and cleanup

The Ruby on Rails app was done quickly and is ugly in a lot of places, and it has a lot of redundancy in the code and layouts.  You should clean this up and make it nice for the Node.js version.

Git submodule

The new app should include the Node base libraries as a Git submodule (details will be in the forum on how to do this).  This will allow us flexibility in consuming any new changes added to the services, without having to copy code around.

Heroku deploy

The new Node.js app should be deployable via Heroku.  Your deployment documentation should cover this in detail.


The Ruby code is available in the forum.

Final Submission Guidelines

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