TCO16 Bonus - Hercules Fog Recorder - Apply recent fixes to new branch 2

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Challenge Overview

The Fog recorder application is a C++ application that allows a user to schedule recordings for TV shows and record live TV. We use this project to test certain functionality of client applications, which are external to just the recorder.

The recorder is a Mac application that can be opened and run in XCode, and it includes Makefiles that can be used on Linux, and there are also ways to build for Windows.

The Fog application exposes a set of REST API calls that can be found here:


The code version we are going to use is *different* than what's in the master branch.  In the "new_build" branch is a "version 2.0" of the app.  It has lagged behind a bit from the master branch as the client wasn't sure if the changes it contained were going to be necessary for the future direction of the project.  Now it does appear that we are going to use version 2.0, so we need to make sure changes that have been applied recently to the 1.0 codebase make it into the 2.0 codebase in the "new_build" branch.


The existing code is here:

A link will be provided in the forum where you will be able to get access.

Make sure to use the "new_build" branch, NOT the master branch!


Your submission to OR should be a Git patch file that can be applied to see the fixes. Here is documentation on how to generate a Git patch file:


This is the list of fixes that need to be ported to the "new_build" branch.

Final Submission Guidelines

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