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Welcome to the CODE2040 Salesforce.com, Skills Matching Challenge!

About CODE2040:

CODE2040 is a nonprofit organization that creates programs that increase the representation of Blacks and Latino/as in the innovation economy. [Who] believe the tech sector, communities of color, and the country as a whole will be stronger if talent from all backgrounds is included in the creation of the companies, programs, and products of tomorrow. 

Challenge Description:

In this Challenge we're looking to help CODE2040 build a matching system that will help them match interns with companies providing internships. Their current system is rather onerous and overcomplicated. We'd like to simplify this process for them. Currently they collect details from their prospective interns via Formstack via this form and fill in skills for the student. They also collect the requirements from the companies for the position & wanted skills inside salesforce.

Right now the manual process is as follows:

  • Companies fill out forms what they’re looking for with some of the following criteria:
    • does the intern have any prior work experience (yes/no)
    • is the intern returning to school after internship (yes/no)
    • does the intern have any personal projects they've worked on (yes/no)
    • current year of education (Freshman/Sophmore/Junior/Senior)
    • programming skills (highly important trait)
    • skill level in each programming language (None/Some experience/Heavy experience/Expert)
  • Students answer fill out forms pertaining to these same questions
  • Reviewer filters first by the yes/no questions and then by the skills and skill levels

For reference we've extracted the existing org's metadata. The current designs are not functioning nor suiting their needs and thus should not be emulated. This is for reference only. You can find the metadata here

We need a way to automate matching of prospective interns with the open positions. How this is done is up to you but the emphasis here is on simply and automated. The user needs to find the best matches and connect them to the internships. The less the user has to do to review and connect the matches, the better. Perhaps some form of weighting for a skill set on each possible 


Final Submission Guidelines


  • sign up for the Gitlab repo group here.If there's any issues in getting added, please post on the forums.
  • Once added to the team, fork the repository and work off  this branch.


  • Upload documentation for how to run your submission
  • Upload all your source code as a zip
  • An unmanaged package of your solution is required
  • Add lazybaer as members of your forked repository
  • Provide a video overview of your submission


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