Lightning App - Fix My Sick Doggie! -- Redux

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Challenge Overview

Use your Salesforce and JavaScript skills to build a Lighning App for a veterinarian's off to process incoming pets that need medical exams on their mobile device. So here's the use case for the application... you are working the front desk of a veterinarian's office and people are bring their pets in for medical exams and you want to get them into so that the doctor can treat the animal.

There are two parts to this application. The first is for the person at the front desk checking in the animal to be seen. There will be a picklist for the type of animal (dog, cat), the breed (probably a text field), the animal's name ("fluffy"), the owner's name, age of the animal and what the general problem is. Feel free to add any additional field you think might be cool. When the user changes the type of animal, a generic picture of the animal will display on the screen. The user will be able to touch different parts of the animal and add comments about each issue (this should probably be a master-detail relationship to another object). For example, they could touch the back leg on the animal and enter the text "broken leg" and touch head and enter "severe cuts" and perhaps touch the tail and enter "severe missing hair".

The second part of the applicatn will be used by the Doctor to treat the animal. Implement a UI where the user (doctor) can choose an animal in the "queue" to be seen and view all of the info that has been entered for the animal. 

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Final Submission Guidelines

Upload your code along with a short video (Jing) of your submission as well as an unmanaged package for installation. Your video should show your application running inside the S1 container. Either the mobile app itself or the browser version resized to appear the same size a a mobile device.


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