Swift-ify Numbers to Words

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Challenge Overview

Everyone loves numbers, especially this guy, but some people prefer to use 10 while others use ten. We want you to write a way to swiftly convert a number to its english alternative.

Using Playground,  you should be able to enter any number from -1 million to 1 million and the program spits out the English word format of the number. For example 25,000 would be "twenty-five thousand".  It should work with negatives and floating point numbers as well.

Challenge Supplied by:

This challenge supplied by Skip Wilson, of the The Skip Wilson Code Channel. Skip Wilson's free videos will teach you how to write code like a boss.

Final Submission Guidelines

Upload your Playground and provide any necessary documentation or explanation. Your submission will include an example of how to convert 50 to fifty and println the results.


2015 topcoder Open


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