Utility to retrieve ZIp file from FTP server and unzip and upload it to SpringCM folder in Salesforce

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Challenge Overview

For this challenge you will deliver a simple shell script that will take a file from a ftp server and uploaded it to a document in salesforce.   You can choose any language you want. 

  1. Build a utility which will retirve the zip file(containing XML file) from FTP server every night at 10PM EST and upload it to Salesforce->Folder in Documents tab.
  2. File added to documents folder should be unzipped file (XML file). 
  3. Include error log functionliaty which will check for 0 file size or if file does not exist.

Good luck!

Final Submission Guidelines

  1. Provide a package of your code.
  2. Provide a detailed document of your solution including details for installation and setup. Provide any details about any limitations to your solution.
  3. Provide a simple video of you solution in action. If English is not your first language feel free to annotate your video with text.


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