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Challenge Overview

Project Overview

Welcome to the OPM - Bug Hunt - Accessibility contest! In this contest, you will test the application adheres to Section 508 guidelines for web application accessibility based on the provided documentation..

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has an existing legacy application called the Service Credit Redeposit/Deposit System (SCRD). The mission of the Service Credit Redeposit/Deposit System (SCRD) is to compute deposits and redeposits, create an initial bill, post payments, and send out receipts to federal employees for periods of federal employment service that were either not covered by retirement deductions (deposits), or were covered and later refunded by the federal government (redeposits).

Contest Objective

The goal of this competition is to clearly identify the limitations of the provided applicatiton and ensure the requirements as they were described have been met. You can find the documents describing the applications in project wiki.

Browser Requirements

The given application must be tested in the following browsers:

  • Chrome V. 31

  • Internet Explorer 11

  • Internet Explorer 10


Login to the application with the following user credentials:

  • user1 / 123456

Contest Guidelines

The guidelines for this contest are given below:

  • As issues are identified they need to be logged in JIRA.
  • Issues must include clear descriptions, test cases and steps to reproduce and expected vs. actual results in order to be counted.
  • First competitor to find an issue gets credit, duplicates will not be counted.
  • Reviewers will accept, reject or mark the issues as duplicate.
  • Please DO take a look at the reported bugs, duplicated bugs cost your work time and the reviewer's time.

Important Notice:

You must also be the first person to report the issue and submit it while submission phase is open.  JIRA will allow you to file issues before and after the submission phase, but these will NOT be counted.


  • Java 6
  • EJB 3.1
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux Server 6.4
  • JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.1
  • Spring 3.2.3
  • Hibernate 4.2.3
  • PostgreSQL 9.2.4
  • iText 5.4.4
  • iText RTF 2.1.7
  • jFreeChart 1.0.16

Provided Resources

Documentation Provided

The following documentation will be available in the contest forum:

You can find more documentation and resources in the project wiki


We have deployed the application on a VM and you can access them from the following links:

Some of the additional resources helpful for the project are

Contest Prize Eligibility

The submitter with the most accepted bugs will win the contest

Final Submission Guidelines

Bug Report Process

Bug Report Format

For each report of a limitation or bug, we need the following information:

  • Steps to reproduce, including any needed information
  • Screen shots (if applicable)
  • Expected results after the bug is fixed
  • Current results, before the bug is fixed
  • Browser version

 Important Notice:

  • If you do not properly document your bug reports, they will likely be rejected due to lack of information or documentation. Also, make sure your bug reports are reasonably general.
  • If you submit the same bug that is seen in multiple screens, for instance, you will likely only get credit for the original bug report. The others will all be closed as duplicates.

Ticket Logging

You will log your tickets here: and when creating a bug you MUST select the SCRD Accessibility JIRA component. Bugs will not be counted if a selection is not made. If you don't have access to this project please send an email to request access to or


The Scoring guidelines followed for the contest are given below:

  • For scoring, the submitter with the most accepted bugs will win. The submitter with the second most accepted bugs will receive second place.
  • For submitters who submit but don't take first or second, if they submit bugs that aren't covered in the first or second place submission, they will receive $5 for each unique bug reported up to a maximum of the 2nd place prize

 Important Notice:

If two submitters submit the same bug report, the submitter who submitted the report first into JIRA will get credit for the bug. The second submitter will not. 


Some of the tips helpful for the contest are:

  • Submitting what is obviously the same issue multiple times with small variations will only annoy the reviewer that has to sort through all the issues and will only count as one issue anyway. If it's less obvious if it is the same issue or not, use your best judgment and the reviewers will do the same.
  • Put an eye on the issues being submitted by other members to minimize the time you may be spending on duplicate efforts. Knowing what has already been reported will allow you to better focus your time on finding yet undiscovered issues.
  • Double check your steps to reproduce and test cases to make sure they are clear. Make sure your steps include creation of any necessary data.

Submission Deliverables

You need report your issues in JIRA. Please submit a text file contains the bugs you reported to OR.

Final Submission

  • For each member, the final submission should be uploaded to the Online Review Tool.
  • You must not include any identifying information, such as your handle, in your submission. Your submission should be anonymous and you will be scored down in screening for not complying.

Review style

Final Review

Community Review Board


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