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Challenge Overview


Welcome to the 5G Network Bug hunt challenge. The actual name of the company and its internet domain will be revealed during the submission phase.

The 5G Edge Network team is asking the Topcoder Community to test the readiness of the Developer Portal by checking for security issues, functional defects, user interface issues, content bugs and the work in progress URLs and submit it as a bug report.

This is the start of a new Topcoder program and learning series after this Bug hunt challenge and the 5G Edge Network Team is hoping to polish any existing Developer Portal bugs in preparation for the forthcoming Topcoder Learning Series.

This challenge will have 24-hours for registration (during this phase no one will see details) and 3 days for bug hunting. Details will be posted on March 24, 2021 EDT


  • Unstructured Bug hunt.
  • Test security, functionality, user interface, content bug, work in progress url.


  • Assets will be available in the forum during the submission phase.


In this challenge, you have to test the Digital subscription process to validate it is fast, easy, and works flawlessly. Also you have to test the Digital subscription process only on Desktop machine browser run on Window 10, Ubuntu 18+ or Apple (iOS 7+).

  1. For Windows machine: use only License Windows 10. Specify Windows 10 and its build number.
  2. For Linux machine: use only Ubuntu 18+, Ubuntu 20+. Specify exact version like Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  3. For Apple machine: use only iOS 7+ ... iOS 11. Also specify machine model like, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13”, MacBook Pro 16”, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini, etc. NOTES: iPad or iPhone not allowed
  • Test URL: The URL will be available during the submission phase.
  • Accepted types of bugs: Security, Functional, User Interface, Content bug and Work in Progress url.
  • Subdomains: Pages to be tested are only on the given URL. Pages outside the URL domain will be rejected.
  • Primary target device(s): Only test on Desktop
  • Operating system: Windows 10, Ubuntu 18+, iOS 7+
  • Browser requirements: Only test using the latest Google Chrome or Firefox. Other browser is out of scope and will be rejected.
  • Content Bugs: Only test for Spelling and Grammar, Text spacing issues inside a paragraph, Tooltips, Missing/Broken Images/Videos inside an article, Font mismatch, blog posts, products details pages, FAQ, Privacy, Terms and Conditions and articles.
  • WORK IN PROGRESS: This is a special Content bug which describe the Broken links.
  • DON'T test the functions in the Login menu and also functionality of the login and registration. They are out of scope.
  • Important: Because you are testing a live website DO NOT Test/send data via contact forms. They are out of scope.
  • An edge case would be anything that does not reflect typical user behavior. They are accepted accordance to the impact to the end-user and based on the workarounds available.
  • Functional test: After signup, the portal have SDK and API. You need to test if the API work as advertise and If not, create a bug report and classify it as FUNCTIONAL. You will gain 10 points if the bug report is valid and non-duplicate issue, it will be mark as ACCEPTED.


  • Create an account on GitLab (if you do not already have one):
  • Post your gitlab ID in the forum.
  • There is an issue template whenever you click New Issue in GitLab. Please use the Bug template to report your issues.
  • The gitlab link to create new issues will be available in the forum during the submission phase. DON'T use any other link to create new issues OR submit a document, they won't be counted and won't be paid.
  • The gitlab label link will be available in the forum during the submission phase. Only use the following labels to classify your bug report as follows:
LabelScore in pointsDescription
SECURITY10 pts.Site vulnerability issue
FUNCTIONAL10 pts.When actual result deviates from the expected result while testing a software application.
USER INTERFACE5 pts.User interface issue
CONTENT BUG1 pt.Grammar or Spelling issue
WORK IN PROGRESS1 pt.Site endpoint or link that return HTTP 404 error
  • DON'T use the following labels as these were meant for bug review:
ACCEPTEDAccepted - For Reviewer only
DUPLICATEDuplicate issue - For Reviewer only
INCOMPLETEBug report has missing information - For Reviewer only
CAN'T REPRODUCECan't Reproduce - For Reviewer only
PAIDAccepted issue and paid - For Copilot only


For each bug report, we need the following information:

  • The gitlab issue title can only be one of SECURITY, FUNCTIONAL, USER INTERFACE, CONTENT BUG or WORK IN PROGRESS. Incorrect title will be rejected.
  • The bug report should be classify using the gitlab labels mention above and this can only be one of SECURITY, FUNCTIONAL, USER INTERFACE, CONTENT BUG or WORK IN PROGRESS. You must add the required label only during the creation of new gitlab issue.
  • STARTING URL: - the Starting URL were the Bug occur.
  • ACTUAL URL: - the Actual URL of the page were the Bug is found.
  • BUG DESCRIPTION: - the description of the bug.
  • STEPS TO REPRODUCE: - Steps to reproduce the bug, including any needed information (Must list all the steps that need to reproduce the bug, and if any input you use on the page form). For WORK IN PROGRESS, just mention a single step like "1. broken link at https://broken-link-dot-com/link"
  • ACTUAL RESULT: - the actual result after following the mention steps. For WORK IN PROGRESS, just mention HTTP 404
  • EXPECTED RESULT: - the expected result if the Bug is fix or remove. For WORK IN PROGRESS, just mention UNKNOWN
  • MACHINE/OS: - Specify Machine / OS. Follow 1, 2, or 3 in section WHAT TO TEST (SCOPE) above.
  • BROWSER: - Only latest Google Chrome and Firefox browser is allowed for this challenge.
  • SCREENSHOT(s): - Get the screenshot of the actual found Bug, mark it and save the image as part of the issue on gitlab. NOTE: Don't use any public domain like google drive, dropbox, imgur, etc. to save your screenshot. It will be rejected.
  • OPTIONAL VIDEO: - If you are reporting a USER INTERFACE issue or FUNCTIONAL defect, capture it on video and save the video as part of the issue on gitlab. NOTE: Don't use any public domain like screencast, google drive, dropbox, imgur, etc. to save your video. It will be rejected.


  • Missing or Incorrect details to ANY of the above fields will mark the bug report as INCOMPLETE.
    • Sample incomplete bug report is one of: Incorrect issue title, Missing STEPS TO REPRODUCE, Missing Screenshot, Bug is not properly mark on the Screenshot image, Incorrect Actual and Expected results, Incorrect MACHINE/OS, Incorrect BROWSER and or Incorrect Bug report classification by using the wrong gitlab labels (E.g. the correct labels is mention in 5 of section "How to Create New Bug Report")
  • Bug report with incorrect step(s) mention in STEPS TO REPRODUCE or the Reviewer cannot reproduce the Bug report. The CAN'T REPRODUCE label will be added and close the issue.
  • You must be the first submitter to submit the Bug report issue. Duplicate issue will be mark with DUPLICATE label and close the issue.
  • The valid, non-duplicate and verified issue will be mark with ACCEPTED label.
  • DONOT EDIT the Bug report issue. Editing your issue will make it invalid and rejected.
  • The Bug template can be downloaded in advance from the ".gitlab/issue_templates/" file on the master branch of this challenge gitlab repository.


  • Scoring will be based on the number of bugs by classification. Be sure to correctly classify your bug by using the correct gitlab labels.
  • Only valid, non-duplicate and verified issues that bear with ACCEPTED label will be counted. Issues mark with INCOMPLETE, DUPLICATE, or CAN'T REPRODUCE will be close.
  • For challenge scoring, the user with the most accumulated points will be selected as the winner. If two users submit the same issue, the user that submitted the issue first will receive credit.
  • All bug reports based on submitter's own assumptions will be rejected.
  • The Score associated with classification / label:
Label/ClassificationScore in points


  • Submitters that do not take 1st, 2nd or 3rd place will be paid with PARTIAL AMOUNT for each valid, non-duplicate and verified issue up to a maximum of $150.
  • The PARTIAL AMOUNT will be calculated from the quotient of $150 over the total number of valid, non-duplicate and verified issues that do not belong to submitter who take the 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. For clarity, the example can be, let say we have 57 submitters, only 18 submits and each submitter at least had 1 ACCEPTED entry. Then the 3 from 18 submitters win; so we have 15 remaining submitter with 15 ACCEPTED issues, so therefore the PARTIAL AMOUNT is equal to 150 / 15 or 10 dollars. So the remaining 15 issues will be paid with 10 dollar each.


  • Follow the standard topcoder Bug Hunt Rules.
  • If you do not properly document your bug reports, they will likely be rejected due to lack of information or documentation. If you submit the same bug in multiple areas/pages, (for instance, Same validation issue of a form can be found in different pages/sections) you will likely get credit for the original bug report only. The others will all be closed as duplicates.
  • DON'T RE-OPEN the issues in the review phase and anyone who RE-OPENS a gitlab issue will be disqualified from the challenge.
  • If you see multiple broken links on the same page combine them into one gitlab issue. Others will be marked as DUPLICATE.
  • You must not edit the bug report once created, so make sure you enter all the details at the time you create the issue, otherwise, your issue will be rejected. If you really need to edit an issue you must use the comments section for this and add a comment to describe any changes you want to make to the issue, and we'll decide whether the changes are major enough to move the issue to the end of the queue. You are not allowed to add any video or screen shots in the comments section.
  • Keep an eye on the issues being submitted by other participants to minimize the time you may be spending on duplicate efforts. Knowing what has already been reported will allow you to better focus your time on finding yet undiscovered issues.
  • There will be no appeals phase. The decision of PM/Copilot for validity and severity of each filled issue will be final.

Final Deliverables

Submit all your bugs directly to GitLab. When you are done with your submissions please submit a .txt file using the “Submit” button before the submission phase ends. In this file include:

  • 1st line: topcoder handle (The one displayed in the top right corner near the Profile picture)
  • 2nd line: GitLab handle used to raise the issues. (Login to Gitlab and click on the Profile picture > Your Profile. Check the URL [[Your Username]
  • 3rd line and onward: Mention all the issues you created in gitlab. Each text line should be one issue number.

  • IMPORTANT: Submit the above details before the Submission Phase ends. If you can't submit due to technical difficulties within the Submission Phase please email your submission with above details to

  • Participants who haven't submitted will not be paid.

  • DON'T use any other link to create new issues OR submit as document, they won't count and won't be paid.


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