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Challenge Overview

Welcome to the Software Development Practice Challenge!

This challenge is designed to help you learn/practice and get started with Software Development Competitions at Topcoder by submitting to this very simple competition where we are asking you to use Google API to translate text. You are free to create applications using any tech stack!

The Software Development Track at Topcoder, commonly known as Development Track, consists of two types of challenges: 

  • First2Finish (F2F) challenges - First2Finish are quick challenges in which competitors are asked to fix bugs or do a small task. The challenge is open until the project manager or copilot running the challenge has a winning submission.
  • Code Challenges - Code challenges ask you to develop code for apps, services, etc. Final fixes, which are sometimes required after a typical challenge, are not included in these types of challenges.  

The most popular challenge type in the development track is the code challenge. The technologies are varied, ranging from AngularJS, Node.js, Java, iOS, Android, Python, and several others. 

In a code challenge, you will develop code for apps, services, etc. Final fixes are not included. You must ensure your submission addresses all the requirements mentioned in the challenge specification. You also need to ensure your code is modularized, clean and well documented, and you need to provide clean documentation for deployment and verification.

While competing with others, if you place in the top two, you will get the cash prize award! (Some challenges might provide more than two prize slots).

In this practice challenge, we bring a basic Development Code Challenge for you so that you can adapt and get accustomed to the challenge phases. 

Each code challenge goes through the following time period phases

  • Registration – Duration in which you can register for the challenge
  • Submission – Duration in which you can submit to the challenge
  • Review –Duration in which reviewers review submissions to a challenge
  • Appeals – Duration in which submitters can appeal on scorecards as needed
  • Appeals Response – Duration in which reviewers respond to appeals and winner is chosen

For more help, we have a detailed guide about how to compete in a Development Challenge or check out this video.

Make sure you register for the challenge and then read more details below and let us know if you have any doubts or questions in the Challenge Forum!


In this challenge. You are asked to build a simple app that is able to translate text from one language to another, by leveraging the Google Translation API.
You won’t need to request a Google Cloud API key, we will provide a sample HTTP REST API in the forum for your reference.

Challenge Requirement

The challenge is pretty simple. Build an app to translate text from one language to another. For example, you can write some text to describe how you are feeling about competing at Topcoder, your suggestions about Topcoder, your self-introduction etc, in either English or your native language, then translate it into any different language.

You can build a simple CLI app, a web app or a mobile app that translates the text into a different language. Your app needs to make a HTTP request (the HTTP request will be provided in the forum).  

And in the HTTP response, you will get the translated text. Below is an example. You can see it translates “Hallo” in German into “Hi” in English. 


You can change the parameter sl and tl in the HTTP request to change the source and target language of the translation. To view the supported language list, check

The app style and programming language are not limited, you can choose any that you are most familiar with.

Technology Stack

  • HTTP request
  • Programming Language: Up to you, no limitations


Final Submission Guidelines

Submit a zip archive that includes

  • The source code of your app.
  • The text you provided for translation testing; you need to provide the text in both the source language and the target language. You can put them in source.txt and target.txt respectively.
  • A simple README file (in markdown or a Word doc) about how to deploy and run your app. You need to mention what the source language and target language are. 

What Next?

  • Visit Topcoder Challenge Listing Page and filter by track Development to see all the available Development Challenges.
  • Participate in future Development Challenges (which have their own cash prizes), gather TCO points towards Development Track and stand a chance to win the ‘TCO21 Development Champion’ Title and a whopping $10,000 cash prize.


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