September 29, 2021 Your New Topcoder Home as We Bring Back /TC

If you’ve been part of our community for a while, say more than ten years, you’ll know what /tc means. Slash TC was the member hub of our community for the longest time and many members to this day still use that bookmarked link to access Topcoder. We had all the latest news and the most important things you wanted all in one spot. 

I wanted something like /tc back; a place for all the latest info that we share on our community weekly chats to live. With the help of my amazing community team, our talent designers, and the awesome beta tester crew, we have the all new Topcoder home page.

It’s everything you want and everything you need to keep track of what’s going on and what’s coming up.   

What do we need to know about this new home?

We realized that there was a need to centralize all your Topcoder information.  Now you have one place to find everything you’re looking for:   

  • See the latest competitions feed. 
  • Find the most recently launched freelance gigs.
  • Find articles, blogs, and news bits about Topcoder, the tech industry, and educational opportunities.  

Most importantly, every time you hit that page, it will be a fresh listing of the latest. 

What more is to come?

This first version of the new home is focused on giving you the most current information. It was designed to be the hub for news and make sure you knew where to go for the latest information. When we shared this page with our beta tester group, most of them asked for more! Their amazing feedback showed us not only the need for this type of page but a more impactful version of it. 

Next will be the ability to see your personal competition and gig information plus the ability for you to decide what you want to see or not see. If you want to learn more or maybe help us get the new home to be the best it can be, check out our beta tester program to help advocate for our community.

We hope you love our home page, the reincarnation of /tc. Share your feedback with us.

Head of Community


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