July 19, 2019 As Work Culture Shifts to Gig Economy, Businesses Explore Worker Rights Issues

While skilled gig workers may enjoy freedom and flexibility, they often do not enjoy the same perks and benefits given full-time employees such as paid vacation time, health insurance, and a guaranteed paycheck. Critics fear that the gig economy will reduce wages and benefits for workers. But, as work culture shifts, many companies are responding with protocol that protects the gig worker. 
Google, for example, announced that the staffing companies it contracts with are required to pay freelancers a minimum of $15 an hour and provide health insurance. Last year Microsoft began offering parental leave to its contracted workers. The think tank The Aspen Institute recently advocated for the introduction of portable benefits that would follow crowdsourced workers from one gig to the next. A paper called “The Future of Work Initiative”  produced by a consortium of leading organizations and people in the Future of Work space examines how best to protect the interest of workers in the rapidly growing gig economy.

Topcoder Advocates for the Rights of Its Community

Topcoder is leading the way in advocating for the rights of its community of more than 1 million-plus members, says Mike Contreras, General Manager at Topcoder. In his blog on digital inclusion, Contreras shares how Topcoder offers training and advocacy for all members, no matter their location or socioeconomic status. With this support, Topcoder’s members have established themselves as the leading experts in the on-demand talent and crowdsourcing space.
In addition to advocating for the rights of its own worker community, Topcoder supports the efforts of companies like Google and Microsoft as they define fair standards and practices for gig workers. Topcoder will continue to reward gig workers in the global Topcoder community and offer more opportunities based on their skills and determination to succeed.

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