July 29, 2020 Why AI Needs Cultural Intelligence

Everyone knows AI is shaping the world. To make AI inclusive requires that the training data be more culturally inclusive. Otherwise, machines will learn and repeat our biases. We need better datasets and machine-ready content. This is no easy task. 

IVOW AI’s mission is to bring cultural and historical awareness into the world of AI, data science, and machine learning (ML). IVOW has teamed up with Topcoder for the Women in History Data Ideation Challenge, to locate public data sources of women throughout history and suggest how that data could be used to gain new insights for AI products and solutions—with a focus on women. 

Hyper-personalization is a hot topic in marketing, and businesses are using AI to move from segmentation to personalization to individualization as they reach consumers. Hear IVOW’s Davar Ardalan discuss this and more as part of the Cultural AI and Brands roundtable.

Panelists included Andy LaMora of Topcoder, Jeanne Lim of Nama Institute, Mark Germishuys of the data company NGA, and Shaun Chavis of LVNGbook.

To find out more, follow Davar on Twitter @idavar, use the #makeourstoriescount hashtag, and get involved in the challenge series.

Alexa Baray

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