August 10, 2020 Innovation in Healthcare – How Wellmark creates winning solutions with on demand talent

At the Topcoder Innovation Awards live at TCO2019, we were excited to recognize some of our top customers for their successes using on demand talent. One of those is Luke Faeth from Wellmark—an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association that covers regions throughout Iowa and South Dakota. We also spoke with Wellmark’s CTO and CXO Paul Hlivko about enterprise resilience on the Uprisor Podcast recently. Let’s dive into how Wellmark partners with Topcoder to speed delivery and accelerate innovation in healthcare. 

how wellmark uses topcoder to answer the talent shortage

Faced with a tight IT labor market in the Midwest, Luke turned to Topcoder to help Wellmark with application developmentdata science challenges, design and UI projects. Luke continues to be impressed with the rate of speed, delivery quality, and cost-savings that on demand talent provides.


“We’ve been very pleased and impressed with the quality from Topcoder”

– Luke Faeth

Benefits of using Topcoder for Wellmark

Luke discussed the three key benefits of working with Topcoder:

  • Innovation: Access to global talent and niche skills helps Wellmark drive innovation.
  • Delivery speed: Luke is impressed with the rapid results he achieves with on-demand talent vs. other vendor partners.
  • Quality: Luke and his team have been super impressed with the quality of Topcoder’s talent and deliverables. Well documented code allows Wellmark to achieve faster implementation of new applications. 

a hybrid workforce is the Future 

Even in more traditional industries like healthcare, enterprise organizations are turning to on demand talent to handle program-level tasks and be resilient in the face of rapid change and disruption.


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