June 30, 2016 Using Crowdsourcing in Your Design and Prototyping Sprints

“Must go faster” — Dr. Ian Malcom, Jurassic Park

Perhaps you’re being chased by a Tyrannosaurus Rex… perhaps not. But, chances are that you and your team are seeking ways to start projects sooner and move top ideas forward faster.

A recent article on Singularity Hub from Peter Diamandis — founder of XPRIZE and co-founder of Singularity University — dove into the idea of using ‘Design Sprints’ with small, nimble teams to rapidly and iteratively make decisions on products and solutions your team should focus on.

As Peter writes in the article:

“Design sprints are an essential tool that entrepreneurs can use to fail fast, rapidly iterate and grow quickly. For me, it’s part of my year-long exploration of how to best experiment in building my businesses, products and services.”

Considering his incredible resume of entrepreneurship focused on creating bold visions and making them a reality, we think his advice is worth heeding. You can enjoy the full article here.

His article lays out a simple roadmap for the 5-day design sprints and the key members your small internal team should include, representing various segments of your business.

Pairing Design Sprints with Crowdsourcing

If you currently run design sprints within your organization, are intrigued by the concept, or simply are searching for ways to accelerate the front-end of your innovation and product decision making cycle, we suggest looking at crowdsourcing as a tool you can wield to help you go even faster.

At Topcoder, we have several products that combine incredible delivery speed while providing the customer with a wide variety of looks and feels created during the crowdsourcing competition.

A great example of one such product is RUX or a Rapid User Experience competition in the Topcoder marketplace.

RUX was built for speed, taking customer ideas and inputs, and delivering back high-fidelity application design concepts, all in just 3 days.

Whether you’re just beginning to experiment with or have a long history of using design sprints internally to accelerate the front-end of your production funnel, a tool like crowdsourcing can help you go even faster and arrive at better results.

And a word to the wise, whether you think you’re being chased by T-Rex or not… you are, it’s called your competition. Must go faster.

VP, Marketing

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