November 10, 2020 Using Crowd to Rapidly Bring an Augmented Reality Training App to Market

When we talk about innovation and helping our customers get to market faster, THIS is what we mean. We recently shared a conversation with Michael Vollmer, GM of Interactive Experience at Wipro, about how he leverages on demand talent to innovate in edge technologies. Now, check out the real-world results of one of the projects Michael discussed with us on the Uprisor podcast.

Coalesce is a new augmented reality app that enables employees to learn and relearn the proper steps of equipment repair and maintenance, whenever they need from wherever they are. Employees can use Coalesce to put virtual equipment into a real-world space and then practice repair procedures exactly as they would in real life. The app is designed for field service and equipment maintenance, but it works equally well for any kind of training, from onboarding new employees to assigning new responsibilities, teaching new skills, or just providing operational insights.

Enjoy the video and see how it works.

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Annika Nagy


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