October 20, 2016 Topcoder Team Live: An Interview with Nic Perez, Booz Allen Hamilton

On October 17th, I had the honor of hosting this episode of Topcoder Team Live (TTL) and being able to interview Nic Perez, Chief Technologist at Booz Allen Hamilton, who is also our sponsor at TCO16. I was actually introduced to Nic a few years ago when I was working with my last company and found his personality and drive for innovation to be infectious. He is extremely creative and knowledgeable when it comes to developing innovative apps and is one of the pros when it comes to running Topcoder challenges.

In our interview we hit several topics such as his career path where he mentions his work with AOL, what Booz Allen actually does and what kind of work they are bringing to the Topcoder community, and how he feels about Booz Allen hosting TCO16 at their Innovation Center in Washington DC. We hit a few other fun topics as well as questions that were asked live on the show! So go ahead and click the video below to watch our live taping! Enjoy.


nick castillo

Community Operation Manager

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