June 5, 2019 HON + Topcoder: Exploring Rapid Interface Design Updates

When you’re redesigning your website or mobile app to optimize the user experience, you need options. That’s what brought Healthcare Outsourcing Network (HON) to Topcoder’s flagship event, the Topcoder Open. HON’s existing customer-facing interface was important but they saw room for improvement. The solution? Put their redesign in the hands of the crowd! HON brought their interface to TCO18 where the Topcoder community could give it a facelift.

Crowdsourcing Brings the Best Designs to You

No matter how small or large your company is, you might not have the time to assemble a team just for improving your website’s design and user experience. Your internal team may be busy on critical path work, meaning less time to experiment and deliver on important redesigns and enhanced digital experiences. Topcoder has the on-demand digital talent you need for projects just like this.

The Topcoder Open Puts a Human Face on Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing sites can be a bit impersonal and make you feel like your company’s unique vibe isn’t being completely captured. That’s why Topcoder lets you and the designers communicate through feedback during ongoing competitions. You can tell designers when they’re on the right track or if something needs a design pivot. The process is ongoing and immediate. This feedback loop helps designers tailor their samples to your company’s voice and helps you see your ideas come to life.

Companies get an even more personal experience at the Topcoder Open finals. This annual conference brings Topcoder’s most successful designers, developers, data scientists, and testers from around the world to a single place to meet with sponsoring companies and compete against the very best talent in the global Topcoder community. At the 2018 Topcoder Open, HON was our design finals sponsor. Leaders from HON spoke to the design finalists face-to-face throughout the competition, executed a managed design feedback workshop, answered questions, and dove deeply into what their users most desired in this redesigned digital interface.

When asked about their takeaway from the 2018 TCO, one of the HON representatives said this:

“I think I had mentioned during one of the workshops, when we’re evaluating submissions through these multiple rounds… how incredible the work was, how rapid the work was, how high-quality the work was. Really, [it was] the nicest group of individuals in my decades of experience that I’ve had the pleasure of working with.”

Get it Right with Topcoder

If crowdsourcing sounds like the right fit for your UX redesign but you don’t like the impersonal selection process of other sites, Topcoder can bring you and competitive designers closer together. You can give feedback online and even have face-to-face conversations at TCO.

When it comes to crowdsourcing for new companies, the HON representative added, “Embrace it. The idea of a competitive environment… don’t be afraid of that. It’s a valuable opportunity.”

If you’re interested in sponsoring the 2019 Topcoder Open, contact us here.


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